ATLAPA Foundation Dedicated to the improvement of academic performance via an integrated athletics focus.

The ATLAPA Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) Public Charity that strives to improve academic performance for children of all ages, via a unique program integrating educational achievement with athletic performance and the establishment of practical life skills with social/emotional enrichment.
Our vision is to increase the percentage of student-athlete acceptances in post-secondary institutions primarily for having strong academic performance while also having high quality, desirable athletic ability. In addition our students will learn and understand the “business of college education” in order to improve the probability of sustained success while they pursue and complete post-secondary programs of study (athletic, academic or both).
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KUSI InterviewTHE ATLAPA Foundation - Charity Golf Tourney

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Congratulation to our graduates!

Mr. Tyler Bassler La Jolla High School Class of 2010 accepted to University of Redlands!! Mr. Desmond Field High Tech High Class of 2010 accepted to Norwich University!!

USKA Scholar Martial Artist - White to Black Program

United States Karate Academy begins enrollment for its Scholar Martial Artist – White to Black College Prep Program.

The ATLAPA Foundation (TAF) and the United States Karate Academy (USKA) have joined forces to collaborate on a customized college prep program for enrolled students of the Karate Academy.  The program will focus on supporting students of all ages with advancement from current grade levels to acceptance into a Post-Secondary College or University.  Particularly, USKA has a specific endeavor to become a feeder organization for students entering the Unites States Naval Academy (USNA).

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